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Kids' parties and events
Ages 4-11
Age appropriates shows available. 


Make your child's Birthday party unforgettable!

Imagine the laughter and amazed wide eyed guests at your son or daughters party! It is something they will always remember. It allows YOU to have a moment of "relaxation" while Richard performs for the partygoers 45 - 55 minutes. 


  • Birthdays 

  • Holiday parties

  • Teddy Bear Tea parties

  • Classroom or Single grade activity

  • Daycare and Pre grade School

  • Home schooled  groups

  • Library programs and more!


Richard's Interactive, astounding, funny, and sometimes absurd style has been developed over two decades of professional shows! He guarantees to keep the kids mesmerized and laughing on his "roller coaster ride" of a Magic Show!

The Birthday Child assists with the FINALE trick of the Show receiving a custom "Amazing Richard" Magic wand to keep and able to do five easy tricks. 

Family Group Shows

"Ages 3 - 103"


Make your event magical!

Richard specializes in bringing multiple generations together entertaining the Kid's and Adults at the same time. This is an uncommon skill in solo performer and he accomplishes this feat by incorporating the psychology of all ages into his routines! His deft presentation and timing skills will have all ages amazed!  If you ask him how he does it, he'll say "I think it's Magic!" 

  • Holiday parties

  • School, end of year or program celebrations...

  • Town wide and Civic events

  • Resort Guest entertainment

  • Library reading programs

  • Corporate get together

  • Summer Camps and more!

Magic Workshop &
Show for Teens

Ages 13-16

Magic Workshops_edited.jpg

For the hard to impress crowd!

  • Teen Birthdays

  • After school enrichment 

  • Halloween parties

  • End of season

  • Arts programs

  • more...


Teens learn a set of "COOL"

MAGIC TO IMPRESS their friends and family...all the while gaining presentation skills, dexterity, and self confidence  in making a presentation in front of a group....

Richard demos each trick as he would in a real show and a couple that he doesn't reveal, that will have them in disbelief!

What is your occasion?  

Magic classes LIVE!
Virtual options. 
Ages 7-12



Kids can learn the special skill of Magic!

Students learn to amaze their friends and family while learning something unique, rewarding, and boosting self confidence to present something in front of a group! Great for.....

  • After school enrichments

  • Camps of all kinds

  • Theatre Arts programs 

  • Library weekend workshops

How can we help with your program's mission? 

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