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Rising Magic Wand!

Rising Magic Wand!

SKU: rwand1

Every Magician should have a MAGIC WAND!  

This special wand is gimmicked to create 6 amazing tricks.

  • Cause the wand to rise in your hand.
  • Holding the wand it jumps several feet into the air. 
  • Hand the wand to a spectator and it jumps back to you. 
  • Make a silk handkerchief appear on the end of the wand.
  • Cause the wand to "magnetically" cling to your hand.
  • Place the wand into a bottle and it will leap out into the air.

Of course wave the wand to cause any of your tricks to magically happen! _____________ _________________________

Comes with instructions and an exclusive LINK to the  "Amazaing Richard" full DEMO VIDEO.

Ages 7 to adult__________________________________________

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